Medes - If You Stay

from Love American Skin by Various Artists



Medes is the solo project of producer AJ Cookson. Known for his remix work under alter-ego Forma, and as the frontman for the explosive band The Montauk Projekt, he is perhaps best known for his work with Distraction Records act Necro Deathmort. AJ has been a regular contributor to 100m collective projects since the label’s inception and has collaborated with many of the collective’s acts.

On Medes:

“Seriously apocalyptic dub tripped ambient electronics.” - The Sunday Experience

"Depeche Mode for the pirate bay generation." - XYZ Magazine

On Necro Deathmort:

"A work of pure schizoid genius." - Terrorizer

"Heavy, deep and moody... the mixing of electronics, beats and doom metal is entirely sucessful. I wish this album were longer. All future experimental dub metal artists should look to this album to see how to get ’er done." - Decibel Magazine

"[the duo] blend low-level hip-hop beats with Scorn-esque bass and elonated guitar riffs to remarkable effect. . . it's that awesome. . . the music is superb, the artwork and packaging equally good. . . warped shuffling genius. 300% necro, foo'!" - Zero Tolerance

"This shit is amazing, so dark and heavy and unlikely... just for the record, January is in no way too soon to start picking records for your best of 2010 list... just so you know... - Aquarius Records

"This Beat Is Necrotronic’... easily represents one of the most intriguing and unexpected genre collisions I’ve encountered over the past year...." - Cyclic Defrost

"This has me minute it's Sunn O))), the next it's Squarepusher." - Vice magazine

"...a fucking belter of an album... Unexpectedly mint." - Foxy Digitalis

"No word of a lie, Necro Deathmort will be in my top ten at the end of the year. Their album "This Beat Is Necrotronic" is a triumph... the most original record I've heard in what seems like an aeon... the kind that'd give Stephen O'Malley a ten tonne stonk-on, with a rumbling subwoofer molesting bass attack that'd induce pant shitting for miles around." - Chronicles Of Chaos

"[an] album that every death metal idiot was too clunky, too loud and too lumpen to make, this is the album that Nick Cave should play at home" - Unpeeled

"For fans of acts such as Earth, Growing and Jesu, This Beat is Necrotronic is likely to be a hugely enjoyable purchase. . . a splendid debut turned all the way up to eleven, and one which deserves your attention." - Bearded magazine

"All in all, the album is made up of dark, twisted brilliance. (4/5)" - NARC magazine

"This Beat is Necrotronic is a wonderful album. This music is as hard as nails and as deep as it is loud." - Buzzin' Music

"If you're looking for an aural definition of the word "uncompromising" then this is it." - The Crack


from Love American Skin, released September 5, 2011


all rights reserved



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